Congratulations to all of our winners!!

Club Champion
Gary Odom 139

Ladies Club Champion
Sharon Waters 

Champions Division 

First Flight Gross
1st Place- Gary Odom 139
2nd Place- Scott Boggs 150

First Flight Net 
1st Place- Steve Martin 136
2nd Place- John Fisher 140

Second Flight Gross
1st Place- Gil Herzberg 159
2nd Place- Phil Jones 162

Second Flight Net 
1st Place- Brett Pate 144
2nd Place- Andrew Piontek 146

Senior Division

First Flight Gross 
1st Place- George Bryant 158
2nd Place- Dave Conley 160

First Flight Net
1st Place- Johnny Holtzclaw 144
2nd Place- Ted Strickland 144

Second Flight Gross
1st Place- Mike Harrison 169
2nd Place- Sammy Bagwell 173

Second Flight Net
1st Place- Dennis Whitt 141
2nd Place- Jeff Wile 155