As September rolls along, fall is nearly upon us. And as football weekends and cooler weather become the norm, there are a lot of practices that will be soon taking place on the course.

One of the most important things is the raising of the height of cut on the greens.  All summer the greens have been mowed at .115 inches.  This week, the mowing height has been raised to .130 inches with an ultimate height of .150 inches through the winter.  While this may seem like a very smaller change, it will help the bermudagrass better deal with the cold conditions of winter.

Also, several important chemical applications are in the works for the coming days.  Two applications of fungicide will be made on the greens to prevent spring dead spot, a disease that causes patches on the greens in the spring.  The other major chemical application in September will be pre-emergent herbicide that will keep the fall and winter weeds down until the spring.

We still have a good portion of the growing season in front of us, but as the grass begins to slow down, we ask that you please help us by repairing ball marks and filling divots.  Thank you for playing at Hunters Creek!

Matt Haynes
Course Superintendent, Hunters Creek