This week  the greens will be verticut and lightly sanded as part of the ongoing greens cultural program.  While causing minimal disruption to how the greens roll immediately following, this process will continue us in the direction of producing greens that are smooth and fast.  We will begin on Tuesday and should be finished by Wednesday afternoon.

Also, bunker work has begun on the Willow course with many of the bunkers having the sand redistributed and drains repaired.  The greenside bunker on hole number two has been made smaller and reshaped.  Look for this process to continue through the fall and winter. A hole-by-hole evaluation of the bunkers will result in removal or reconstruction of bunkers beginning with the ones near the greens.

As always, we ask for you continued cooperation in regards to cart traffic.  As a general rule of thumb, please keep all carts at least 30 yards form the greens, and parked on the cart paths while teeing off.

I hope to see you all on the course!

Matt Haynes , Golf Course Superintendent